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Kozy Kids Koral

Kozy Kids Koral Daycare in Cottage Grove, WI

Kozy Kids Koral is a facility that has provided daycare services to the families of Sun Prairie, Marshall, Deerfield, Cottage Grove, Cambridge and Stoughton since 1998.
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We provide a loving, nurturing environment and highly trained child care professionals who truly care about the welfare of each child in our care.
At Kozy Kids Koral day care center, your child will be challenged and engaged with age appropriate learning activities and socialization to promote a healthy self image, develop cognitive skills and help to prepare them for a lifetime of learning.
We understand that in our transient, mobile society, more and more families find day care to be an essential part of their busy lifestyles but increasing numbers of stay-at-home moms are finding that day care offers their children benefits that home-bound care alone can not offer them. Day care offers the opportunity for socialization and structured learning that may not be available in the home.
Kozy Kids Koral is a privately owned, state licensed daycare and preschool. Established for 18 years we are conveniently located across from Cottage Grove Elementary School on Main St, Cottage Grove, WI. Kozy Kids is licensed for 50 children.
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We believe all children are wonderfully different and these differences should be embraced.
Kozy Kids Koral provides a loving and safe environment that offers age appropriate toys and learning activities because children learn through play and exploration. We believe in a strong parent/... Read more
Young children also like to know what to expect. A daily routine and familiar faces give the children security and opportunities for self-help skills. Kozy Kids Koral has stable, virtually no turn-over rate for staff
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